This year will be different!

Instead of yawning as usual through January, I promise myself that I will change up the seasons! I’m going to snap the ennui,[1] sling the old habits and aim for a goal. I’ll be an achiever, one of the people who reach the end of January more fit, healthier, and perfectly organized!

I’ll hit the ground running with a list of goals and resolutions that will fling me confidently into the coming year with a work-in-progress already in progress.

Dear Me,
In past years, I’ve stretched myself beyond the snapping point during the holidays, and then slacked back throughout January, and I’ve comforted myself with the thought that if one doesn’t feel bad about doing nothing, then it can’t be called depression, can it? T.

Reality Bite: Nothing ventured, nothing gained.
[2] Just beware of life's splat factor.

[1] Boredom, the only word I recall from Mr. Jewkes' high school vocabulary class.
[2] American proverb – author unknown.


…lost in translation

I have begun the writing process! Research, compile, outline and then a very strong rewrite! The first three phases are complicated, but I will get it in order—when everything else in my life is in order!

Dear Me,
I will sort and chuck the paper chaos, so that when I die the children can chuck without sorting.

I am excavating all my ancient writings buried in the depths of every computer I’ve owned since the dawn of the techno age. Or I will as soon as I answer the age-old question of how to translate the hieroglyphics from ancient computer language into recognizable English. The process is taking more computer know-how than I know how.

Dear Me,
Only a few more visits from the geeks bearing gifts and soon all of the letters and e-mails that I have written over the years will be readable—a copious font of uselessness. But, on the bright side, I’ll be more tech-savvy, T

I now have a new plan for my life, a higher purpose. I will organize my journals, write a memoir and salvage my pride, all in the guise of writing a book! In addition, I can mark one item off my newly-revised Top Ten To-Do’s-Before-I-Drop-Dead list—#6 “Organize My Personal History.”

After I accomplish this, the next bold project is turning the vintage Apple Mac, Commodore, and PC Jr. into planters!

Reality Bite: Put that on next year’s TD before I DD List.

[1] Homer, sort of. My editor (teen daughter) advises me that a good writer should not underestimate their reader. “Duh, Mom.”