Valentine Sonata

Valentine Sonata '96

I spent the day in paper chaos
searching for the perfect card.
Striving for that phrase immortal
to impress you like the Bard.

A wealth of thought -- oh poems replete
some so sincere, some sickening sweet.
Of all the prose, none sparked the light
so not appropriate. Some lied outright!

My mind just tumbled o're with verses
Roses Are Red, or I Love You Because,
But nothing seemed to fit you perfect;
One so unique--it grants me pause.

You make my life just so complete
You’re one of a kind. Uniquely unique!
I should not, could not, have expected to find
A card to express what’s on my mind.

It seemed so hopeless. I felt despair.
At once I thought, “Get underwear!”
I rebuked myself, “Concede defeat?”
Not me! You know, I’ve such conceit!

A thought then struck. “A poem attempt.
I’ll write and express what’s evident!”

True poets don’t bother with rhyme or rhythm.
They say what they feel, and take criticism.
The truth be known it’s harder to rhyme
To send a message so sublime.

And yet, the true poem--it’s been defiled.
You’ll have to make do with an Oscar Wilde.

As I struggled and suffered to make the lines rhyme,
I was suddenly and rudely reminded, “The time!”
The children were starved. Dr. Seuss had just ended.
The dinner uncooked, the laundry resplendent.

The moment was lost, could not be recaptured.
My desolation complete. You would not be enraptured.

When suddenly, wonderfully, it came so inspired!
Personally, to angels, my life must be wired.
A revelation! An answer! A thought so sincere!

I’ll just resurrect the card you gave me from last year!

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Oklahoma Field's said...

SO CUTE Terina! I'm enjoying your blog!