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Up Haleakelah 2007
The phrase “relaxing vacation” is anathema for the husband! If I enjoy myself too much, I won’t want to go home, so he makes it his goal to assure that our vacations are fun-filled and action-packed—the quintessential adventure. In other words, (mine) "they’re perfectly wretched."

To me,
The trip was torture, not because of accidents, lost tickets, misplaced luggage, or poorly planned accommodations—Oh no, that could never happen because he is a vacation professional. Each detail, every moment is meticulously planned.           Nuts, T.

My idea of relaxing, Hawaii 2014
The husband tries to mitigate my mutterings, and suggests we take turns planning the vacations.

But if it were up to me, I’d show up at the airport, wait on stand-by for the first flight to any beach, and hit a clothes shop and a bookstore on the way.

He researches for months, makes detailed plans, and then collects the travel guides (our record-breaking travel guide collection is on the list of national landmarks, right below the biggest gopher mound in Arkansas). He evaluates climate and pours over the atlas—the silent holder of every vacation secret—all while surfing the net to get the best deal. For him, anticipation is the best part of the trip. Our vacations are purposeful and deliberate—orchestrated miseries.

His idea of relaxing, HI 2014
To me
This is the last time I talk him into a beach vacation. I try to bask, and we para-sail. I want to beach-comb, he wants to sand-sprint, I want to meander through shops, while he bargains, deals, and brainstorms, then I’m exhausted and ready for a vacation! T.

I could be just as happy sitting at home with a good book while he took the children on vacation! I want to relax!

Reality Bite: My idea of a vacation includes healthful sanatoriums and several months at Bath, or in the bath.  After his vacations, people take sick leave.    Ah, but that's another story.  

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