…rabid miscues

While we’re on the subject of imperception, I’d like to state that I’m not really what you think I am, but I’d like to be what I think you think I am. (See, everyone is better off when I don’t think.)

To me,
Socializing is a contest of who can create the greatest misconception of their life. My house is clean, the children spotless and the food magnificent. I now invite total strangers to observe the fairy tale me. If one of them becomes a friend, will they be disappointed to discover the real me? Or will they be relieved?
I guess it depends on how much stock they put in their own delusions. Seeking a true friend, T.

I hate standing tippy-toed at the top of somebody else’s pedestal, because I am the dunce of the dance, and putting me anywhere near the top of anything will guarantee a terrific tumble.

I look around and it seems as if everyone else is dancing effortlessly, on beat and with practiced precision. But later when I collapse in the wings gasping a frantic breather in between scenes, I hear the murmurings of the other performers, and I realize that they too are trying to dance up to another’s expectation.

During any of my life productions, the sidelines are the safest spot to be. Just sit back and enjoy the show because any intervention would just compound the chaos behind the scenes. The husband can’t help and the family can’t mitigate the damage because most of my life is an inadvertent calamity that is certainly not intended to impress anyone.

If I worry less often about what people think, I might realize how often they don’t[1] … or is it how seldom they do?

The degree of difficulty chosen for life’s performance is directly related to the risk of injury and the amount of medication that will be needed to assure an auspicious outcome.

[1] Am I dangling again? Or is it just the participle?


valgae said...

T~ you are in my head sometimes!!! Around here in pretentiousville they truely dont think of much else other than well what size their next tata's will be. LOL j/k i'm sure its not that bad. I mean the tata size deal NOT the pretentious deal. ;)

about the dangling deal i must refer you to my resident genius. luv ya lady!!

Terina said...

Val, you are awesome and earthly... not at all floating above it.

Jules said...

Hmmm, I think the key is to have close friends and lots of medication. :)

This post is dead on!!!