…just do it

My book notes:
I can use those three words, “Just Do It” and stay within the parameters of the intellectual domain laws of copyright, as long as I don’t revise the original intent, don’t use it in a contra-indicated manner or product and throw in a plug for Nike.[1] [2]

Writing a book can’t be that difficult. I’m up to the challenge. If you walk into my house on any given day, you may find a wall bashed out and a stack of home improvement books on the counter. Chalk it up to genetics. My great-grandmother did it. She bashed out a wall and the next day when her husband came home, she said, “I’m putting it back. We’re having company.”

I didn’t hear about Grandma Pearl until after I’d bashed out my first wall. The father told me her story as he tilted back on two legs of a kitchen chair, drummed his fingers on the tabletop and surveyed my handiwork. He then asked the big question, “So, was the wall load-bearing?”

“Load-bearing?” I ask, “What’s that?”

Dear Me,
I smashed out the back wall of my closet this morning. From the outside, it looked like the wall extended four feet and who doesn’t need more feet in their closet?
Wish me luck. T.

Thank goodness dumb animals are watched over, for I am the beneficiary often. The house didn’t fall down and the kitchen was remodeled! It was finished after waiting for eight years because I did it! I started! Where would the world be if someone didn’t start? Everybody would be running around saying, “Wow, if we could only…” and “When this happens, won’t it be great?”

Again, it's me,
It doesn’t…extend. That part of the wall is where the builders put all the utility wiring, the vent for the sewer and other important yet immoveable objects. So this afternoon, I’m putting the wall back and installing a mirror instead.  Still working for the illusion of space…it’s all in the mind. And the husband agrees that I am out of mine. Whee, T,

Great things must begin somewhere and the world’s greatest starters are people willing to tear off wallpaper, break out walls, pull the plumbing, dig up the swimming pool or write a book.

Reality Bite: Just strip it to the studs and begin.[3]

[1] Legalize aside—because I want to use these three words in my book, I have to include the aforementioned dull and boring paragraph. If you ever use these words, you must do it too, so memorize it!
[2] Note to self: Investigate product endorsement.

[3] Dad again, the bona fide contractor.

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