…suspicious beginnings

To Me,
The book is coming along great. The working title is, "Trust Me, I’m not as Psychotic as I Sound." Hugs, Me, Myself and I

I'm starting! I'm writing a book!  I bundle up the children and head to the library. In the children's section I drop the youngest at storytime, arm the second with comics and set the oldest on guard with fantasy. The clock is ticking and before the librarian’s patience grenade explodes, I must make some important strides on the path to book writing.

First things first, I proceed to reference section 808 and denude it of every worthy book on writing. I stagger with my burden to the teen section. If I can ignore the clack of computers and vacuous stares, this area of the library always provides ample reading space and really soft chairs, and so it begins.

Each book about writing books is, by virtue of itself, tangible evidence that its concepts were successful—at least once anyway. I read each book front to back, or rather front and back, and from the fly leaf and teasers, I discovered an element of writing that was so daunting that I slammed the books shut with the discovery!

There is a book conspiracy 
[1] intended to weed out the weak-hearted right at the onset! I read: “Only the most persistent writer, willing to hurdle this first obstacle can ever hope to develop the tenacity necessary to surmount the inherent challenges of writing. The initial, yet vital task that must be undertaken preparatory to…”

My mind wanders, imagining the possibility of being bored unto death and I struggle to rouse my faculties and get right back to… what was that obstacle?

Reality Bite: Librarians frown on snoring.

[1] Created  by publishers who are buried under stacks of bad book submissions?

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