…divine nature

So I’m lounging here in the hammock, waking myself periodically to adjust the body’s slip and slant. (One end is tied lower than the other, but I’m too content to care). I’m reeking of campfire and while sucking the marshmallow off my elbow I’m musing… “Why is it that life is so complex?” And more importantly, “Why do I enjoy this so much?”

Dear me,
Our extended family camping trip went relatively well. We did run into a few animals in the form of bike jockeys wearing tight little outfits, which were spitting and hissing about our campsite.

I would have thought that camping in the meadow would be their complaint, but our setting up seven tents in the middle of the parking lot was the bug that crept up their shorts.

Admittedly, it could have been the diapers and cribs that set them off too. There were juice boxes and food that we had flung to the feral children scattered about and when they were told that we don’t usually clean up until we’ve finished trashing a joint, they were rather peeved.

I told them to take their cute little selves off, or I would have to swat them off with the husband’s sierra card. T.

So, here I sway gently, contented, calm and peaceful, admiring nature and the quiet harmony of my surroundings… the girl scouts yodeling in the camp showers, the dogs baying across the tent spaces, the garbeling of a Spanish ham radio station, the gunshots in the distance. The only city sounds missing are the sirens. The children pinging windshields with pebbles flung from slingshots down at the creek should fix that.

Ah, this is the Life.

Dear me,
The sister’s cruise vacation sounds wonderful—every aspect, from the food to the entertainment. I look forward to hearing about a “real” vacation and seeing photos of the satiated couple—sometime next year.
I expect that is how long it will take her to dig out from beneath the glut of laundry, housecleaning and homework.
Tee hee hee, T.

Reality Bite: I am a confused study of contrasts in life, the universe and everything.

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