…from dust to dust

I’d add dirt, bugs and ashes to every home cooked meal if they would eat it like they do camp food. Within minutes of our arrival, even the finicky one is wolfing down raw hotdogs and slurping marshmallow out of an inch-thick shell of ash. Maybe they worry that they’ll starve (with good reason).

We rarely see any animals, (thank goodness most of our forays are into areas where the natural wildlife has been decimated) so we spend most days at the water’s edge, practicing geo-biology (a biological study of geology), which involves finding rocks that look like animals and repatriating them into their natural habitat, the water.

I don’t worry about fishing for anything, because I wouldn’t want to hook any of the native species. Heaven knows what I’d do if we caught one. If anything can thrive in the outflow of today’s pollutants it would have to be trapped and muzzled before it was rendered edible.

Reality Bite: Survival Rule #1: If it doesn’t bite you first…

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Jules said...

Thinking I had the ability to form intelligent thoughts using the English language, I read your blog. I humbly admit finding many hidden gems of humor after reading the posts a second time. Okay, maybe they were only hidden to someone with my limited vocabulary. I love your sense of humor!

p.s. I'd love to be invited to your family blog.